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Racing Chance Pimbo Road Races - Sunday 24 June 2018Year Around Event 11 Paddock Road, Skelmersdale, WN8 9PLSkelmersdale Truck StopEvent Organized By: Fred Bamforth

Welcome to the Racing Chance Foundation’s “Club Coach” section.  As a member of the Foundation, you have access to information that can you give an edge over your competitors, from indoor training sessions to advice on “race craft”, which includes tactics to use in race situations, tips on sprinting, climbing and descending and cornering.

In conjunction with Cycling Shorts, we have a series of guides, written by Heather Bamforth, to help give you an overview of what to expect at your first race.  These guides can be accessed here.

Click on the menu links above to access information which will give you a #racingchance - These links are only available to RCF members - it only costs £5 to become a member so why not give yourself the #racingchance you deserve!


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