Give yourself a #RacingChance

The clue is in our name.  We want to give women a chance to enjoy racing, whether that is at home or abroad.

There is now an appetite for road racing for women in the UK, but in order for that to develop it needs an agreement from all stakeholders as to the best way forward.  That includes asking the opinions of the riders about what they want to ride and organisers as to what they want to promote.

We aim to provide a variety of road races, from the traditional handicap road races held at the beginning of the season, to Regional A level races for men and women (2/3/4), to longer road races for E/1/2/3 and supporting 3/4 road races for women.  For further details of the races and who promotes for us, check out our Race Partners and our [Events] link to Events page.  We aim to be as transparent as possible, and will provide accounts after each event, so that riders and supporters can see how their money is spent.

All events will be held under British Cycling regulations.