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Here at Racing Chance HQ, we are conscious that progressing your cycling career can seem like an uphill battle sometimes, especially if you are female.

With that in mind, one of the Foundation’s main aims is to provide racing opportunities for women, both in the UK and abroad.  But we also understand that it is important and only fair to ensure that any rider being given the opportunity to race with us abroad has decent preparation in advance, and to that end, any riders picked for our elite squad will have the opportunity to train together and meet our support team prior to travelling to an event.

But it’s not only an elite squad that we’re looking to provide opportunities for – the Foundation believe in the need to help develop riders who may not yet meet the eligibility for the elite squad.  Support at races is important, but for the younger development riders, we will also be looking to provide mentors who will be able to give support to the younger riders off the bike, as racing can be a very lonely place sometimes and we want to convey the message that as riders you are not alone.

We will be keeping an eye on races and results during the season as we look to spot riders that we feel have the potential to represent the Foundation both now and in the future.  Don’t worry if you are not on a “team” as such, as that is not a precursor to being invited to our training sessions.  If we think you have the potential, whether you are riding for a club, yourself or as part of a team, we will be in touch!


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