RCF Women’s Short Sleeve Skinsuit

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Size 1/XS (Chest <82cms, Hip <88cms, Length <165cms, Weight <55kg) Size 2/S (Chest 82-88cms, Hip 88-94cms, Length 160-170cms, Weight 50-60kg) Size 3/M (Chest 88-94cms, Hip 94-100cms, Length 165-175cms, Weight 55-65kg) Size 4/L (Chest 94-100cms, Hip 100-107cms, Length 168-178cms, Weight 60-70kg) Size 5/XL (Chest 100-106cms, Hip 105-112cms, Length 172-182cms, Weight 65-75kg) Size 6/XXL (Chest 106cms>, Hip 110cms>, Length 182cms>, Weight 70-80kg)

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