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The novice race training sessions have proved very successful and we also hope to be able to offer these to novice men too, as women often find that they have to race with fourth category men in mid-week circuit races.

The Foundation will also be hosting improver training sessions for both men and women which look at preparing you for your first road race – this is something which is often overlooked as many people don’t realise that there is a lot more to think about when you enter your first road race rather than a circuit race.

In addition to the closed road training sessions, the Foundation will be running training rides which will help riders get used to riding in a group on the road, and, depending on which session you are attending, will concentrate on different aspects which you won’t come across in a closed circuit environment.

Finally, at the top of the pyramid, there will be international race preparation training sessions, specifically for the women who will be riding for the Foundation abroad.  These sessions will deliver our “centre of excellence” courses and seminars.

In addition to the above, if you subscribe as a member, you will have access to specific indoor sessions that you can download to attempt at your leisure.

This is only a brief synopsis of the training sessions we will be offering, all of which will be hosted by qualified cycling coaches.

These sessions are four hour sessions held on closed circuits, with a view to helping riders to gain confidence and develop their group riding and cornering skills.  Devised by Huw Williams, a British Cycling Level 3 coach, these sessions have been fundamental in increasing the numbers of women starting to race.

These sessions cover the basics only but are great at building your confidence as a rider, as well as proving to be a great opportunity to meet other cyclists, who have then gone on to race together.

Due to the popularity of these sessions, the Foundation will also be hosting a similar session for men – click on the Training Calendar link to find out more details.

One of the key aspects of improving your performance is the ability to increase your endurance, as well as learning to read the road.  The Foundation will be running group training rides over the winter which will fall into two categories:

Focussed rides – between two and three hours in length, with a focus on a specific skill during the ride

Endurance rides – between four and five hours in length, with a café stop either mid ride or post ride depending on the route

All rides can be found in the training calendar.  In order to attend of these rides you must sign up in advance so that we can send you information about the route and the skills to be developed on the ride.

Whilst the novice race training sessions are aimed at those new to racing, it is the Foundation’s belief that there is a skills gap between entry level circuit racing and racing on the open road.  This has led to an overwhelming increase in the number of crashes happening (both on circuit races and in road races).

Rider safety is of paramount importance and it has become all too obvious that whilst riders may be extremely strong, the skills required for bunch racing may not be as honed as their fitness.

With that in mind, the Foundation have developed a series of sessions which are aimed at racing cyclists who want to be safe in the bunch whilst learning techniques that came help give them an edge over their competitors.

Even the most experienced of riders can benefit from refreshing their bunch riding skills, many of which can be the difference between finishing in the break and finishing in the bunch.  These sessions will be available for men and women – keep an eye out for a session near you by subscribing to our newsletter (above left or you can click here) for updates and by checking our Training Calendar for sessions and availability.

These sessions are invite only for members, you can join for just £5 per year.  Further information will be made available as the sessions and riders to be invited are finalised.