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As a registered charity, the Foundation has to have a charitable objective, which is its main purpose.  Our charitable object is “to promote amateur cycling for women throughout the United Kingdom by the provision of financial assistance, education, support and training.”

Our mission is as follows:

To provide training opportunities for all levels of women from novice to elite;

To provide and promote opportunities for women to race on the road both in the UK and abroad;

To give women access to quality training and support;

To provide support and opportunities for women who are capable of riding at an elite international level (who are currently not on an existing performance pathway);

To provide support and assistance with funding (where appropriate) for those women who wish to become qualified coaches or officials.

Ultimately, these opportunities will not all happen overnight, but we are already looking at how to provide a pathway for women to increase their confidence and ability as racing cyclists, whether that is at a regional, national or international level.  We do not intend to provide grants to individuals who wish to race abroad; instead any rider who fulfils our criteria will be invited to attend a series of “Centre of Excellence” training sessions with a view to those riders having the opportunity to race abroad under the Foundation. 

The Racing Chance Foundation

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