Mission Statement

Providing cycle racing opportunities - Give yourself a #RacingChance

As a registered charity, the Foundation has to have a charitable objective, which is its main purpose.  Our charitable object is “to promote amateur cycling for women throughout the United Kingdom by the provision of financial assistance, education, support and training.”

Since our incorporation, the sport of women’s cycling has evolved and so has our approach. 

It has become clear that in order for women to have access to appropriate opportunities, the number of women involved across the sport needs to increase, whether that is in rider numbers, women as part of the volunteer workforce (as officials, not just for making tea) as well as women in leadership positions. 

With that in mind, our mission is simple: to increase opportunities for women in competitive cycling. 

We believe our mission can be achieved by:

  • Empowerment 
  • Enabling 
  • Engagement 

With structured support and signposting, at Racing Chance we believe that it is possible to work together to increase female representation in cycling at all levels, and work towards parity. 

The Racing Chance Foundation

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