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Introducing the Racing Chance 2017 Junior Academy

2017 will see the inaugural Racing Chance Junior Academy. The squad comprises two second year juniors and two first year juniors, all of whom will be racing together and training together as much as possible. This year's riders are Rebecca Gregson, Corinne Side, Katie...

Increasing Participation in Women’s Cycling

It's Women's Sports Week this week and there's a lot of talk about encouraging women to get active and have a go at sports. But part of the issue with women's cycling is that you are left wondering what it actually is... Let's start by looking at British Cycling's...

Having a Support Team

British Cycling are running a campaign at the moment with the NSPCC about the role that parents play when kids participate in sport. That got me thinking about the need for support as adults too. One of the interesting things about turning up at a women's bike race is...