One of the major learning points in racing comes once you are comfortable with sitting in the bunch and have gained enough fitness so that you can stay with the race to the end.  Once you are in that position, you need to start thinking about tactics to help you move up the bunch and get better results at the end of the race.  Unfortunately, it can be very frustrating not knowing what to look out for, what to do, who to follow, and it can feel like you’re not making any progress.

Our next series of training sessions are designed to help you with just that!

So, if you want to learn about how to attack, how to get in a break, what to do once you get there, what to do if you miss the break, how to ride in the wind, how to work with and for other people and many more things, our team tactics training session is just for you!

These sessions are aimed at women who have experience of racing but who want to be the best rider they can be. Despite the name of the session, you don’t need to be in a team to participate, as we will put people in teams on the day.  This is not suitable for riders who have never raced in a bunch as you need to be at the very least able to sit within wheels to benefit from the session.

The two and a half hour session is being subsided by The Racing Chance Foundation, so the event fee for the session is a bargain at £5 plus 95p for the EventBrite fees.

Sign up here  and give yourself a #racingchance

(c) Daniel Styler for Racing Chance Foundation