In celebration of #IWD2016 I thought it would be a good time to bring a few time trialling events to your attention.


Way back in February 2013, I wrote an article for about the Manchester & District Ladies Cycling Association (which can be accessed here). To me at least, the M&DLCA represented what I wanted to achieve for women’s road racing – a great atmosphere at a bike race, promoted by an organisation run by women.

Last year, their first event of 2015 had the most entries in their 50-odd year history. This year it would be great if we could push those boundaries again.

(c) Ellen Isherwood 2015

(c) Ellen Isherwood 2015

But why should you enter?

Well, for a starter, it’s a great organisation to support and you don’t need a time trial bike to enter. Indeed, all you need is yourself, your road bike and your entry in the post (you can’t enter on the day). Time trials are fantastic training aids – where else would you push yourself to the limits of your physical ability for 25 to 30 minutes? Most Grand Tour winners are decent time trial riders (Bradley Wiggins, Chris Froome, for example) as time trialling gives you the ability to learn how to pace yourself for a specific period of time, which is essential if you intend to attempt a break away in a road race at some point.

Next reason? Well, the events are relatively cheap to enter. Most events tend to be around £8 to enter, so if cash is a bit tight, you can still race each week but at a fraction of the cost of a road race, mainly due to fewer overheads.

If you like the social elements of racing, there is always great cake available in the headquarters after you have raced. The M&DLCA cakes are some of the best around.

Age is just a number

The M&DLCA has some inspirational women involved with the running of the organisation and events. There are women in their sixties who regularly turn up to race and some of the helpers on the day are in their 80s. So if you don’t think you are good enough to have a go, think again!

(C) Huw Williams 2015

(C) Huw Williams 2015

First event details

Both events are on J2/1 in Chelford, Cheshire, details of the course are here

Invitation “10” on 23 April 2016. Entry details are here:  The idea of these events is that you can invite a male rider along and your times are added together for the overall.   If you (or your daughter/sister or brother/son for that matter) is under 17 on 31 August 2016, then you (or they) are eligible to enter the GHS (schools) competition instead – details here

M&DLCA “10” on 30 April. Entry details are here: This event is bolted onto the front of the East Lancs RC “10”.

There are other events promoted by the M&DLCA – check out their Events page for further details.

How to enter

All entries are by post and must be received around 12 days in advance (easiest way to remember is make sure it’s in the post two weeks before). You will need an entry form, which can be found here. All events are held under Cycling Time Trials regulations.

Racing Chance will hopefully have a fair contingent riding, it would be great to see other riders too, so see you there!!!