Here’s our pick of road events for women’s cycling in July 2015 (remember, this isn’t a definitive list and we are only going off the British Cycling website) but here we go (click on the race name for the link to the BC website):

5 July 2015

Revo Road Race – South Molton, Devon.  Cost to enter is £18 online, which is pretty reasonable for a women’s road race and it’s a decent length, being 39 miles.  For those of you who are first category riders, this race is open to E/1/2/3/4 category women, although most are likely to be having a rest as the National Series and Team Series at Stafford and Oakley respectively are on the same weekend.

8 July 2015

Huddersfield Criterium – a town centre race, open to E/1/2/3/4 women.  Considered by some to be a tad costly at £22 for a 30 minute race, nevertheless the opportunity is there should you want to get involved.  It’s at a reasonable time (7:35pm) but you’ll need to leave plenty of time to get there as the traffic either way on the M62 is not the best at rush hour.

(c) Chris Maher 2015

11 & 12 July 2015

Surrey League Women’s Team Time Trial Championship – okay, not strictly a road race, but a four up team time trial instead.  Entry is via or by clicking here. Entry fee is £60 but is for a team of four riders.  There are rules relating to the Surrey League, which can be found by looking at their website here.

Racing Chance Foundation Circuit Races – okay, they’re not road races (obviously) but if we can’t give them a plug on our own website, where can we?  There’s a women’s event (open to 2/3/4) and a men’s event (3/4) and the races are at the Tameside Circuit, Ashton-under-Lyne on the Sunday afternoon.  For the women out there, we are also hosting a team tactics training session in the morning, and the idea is that you will be able to test your new found skills to the max in the afternoon.  Details of the training session can be found here.

19 July 2015

Ride 24/7 Cricklade Kermesse – For those of you down South who don’t fancy travelling up to Ryedale in the North East (the Ryedale GP (incorporating the Junior Women’s National Championship) is on the same day), there’s a 33 mile road race in Wiltshire open to 2/3/4 category women, running alongside the men’s event.

24 July 2015

East Yorkshire Classic – following on from last year’s event, the town centre of Beverley will yet again see women’s racing on the Friday evening.  Open to E/1/2/3/4 category women, the entry fee is reasonable at £18 and is for 40 minutes plus 3 laps is a bit longer than we’re seeing recently.

26 July 2015

Women’s Sherston Road Race – following on from the Cricklade Kermesse the week before is this road race, again in Wiltshire, open to 2/3/4 category women.  It starts at 2:10pm so is perfect for anybody who might want to travel to this event, there also appears to be some GoRide! events for younger riders prior to the women’s race setting off at 2:10pm.

(c) Daniel Styler for Racing Chance Foundation