Given that it’s May Day Bank Holiday I thought it would be a good idea to get the June events in.  This is based on what’s currently live on the British Cycling website, so it may be subject to additions later on.  Click on the name of the event to take you to the British Cycling on line entry system.  So here’s my pick of events for June (which is by no means exhaustive):

5 & 6 June 2015

Holme Valley Wheelers women’s stage race – based in West Yorkshire, just outside Holmfirth, this race sees a Friday night road race, followed by a time trial on the Saturday morning and an additional road race on the Saturday afternoon, this stage race, organised by Holme Valley Wheelers is slightly different this year in that the time trial will be a lap of a circuit, rather than the time trial course used previously.  A brilliant event, well worth supporting.

6 June 2015

Surrey League Road Race – on a closed circuit (Cyclopark in Gravesend, Kent) but classed as a road race, there are two events for women – one for 3/4 category women and one for 1/2/3 category women – the latter of which isn’t a rarity indeed!

Jupiter London Nocturne – This race always has a good atmosphere and some of it will be televised.  It’s held once the sun goes down (hence “nocturne”) around Smithfield Market in London and you need to click here to get to the online entry.

7 June 2015

Polypipe Pontefract Grand Prix – A race for 2/3/4 women but with events for kids of all ages too, this event is based on a circuit around the town centre of Pontefract, in Yorkshire.  Really fair price point for entry (£15) considering that it’s a town centre event, so worth supporting.

14 June 2015

Harrogate Nova Summer Road Race – a women’s race alongside the men’s event on the famous Penny Pot circuit near Harrogate, this is the first time that the club have decided to run a women’s event. Open to 2/3/4 category women only.

21 June 2015

Birkenhead Park Races – this is on a closed circuit around Birkenhead Park and therefore doesn’t really fall into the road race category, however I have supported this event for the last three years on the trot and it is a brilliant event (especially if you’re new to racing), with races for the kids too.

27 June 2015

VC Norwich Road Race – based in Great Cressingham, Norfolk, this race is open to E/1/2/3 riders and starts at 2:30pm, which gives you plenty of travel time if you’re out of the area.

28 June 2015

Liverpool Century Road Race – the fourth event in the Racing Chance Foundation North West Women’s Series (#partyontheroad) sees a return to the Pimbo circuit.  Open to 2/3/4 category riders only, but with many of the better second category riders likely to be at the National Road Race Championships in Lincoln on the same day, this circuit is great for improving your confidence.